An adventure in taste

Here is a sad attempt at a podcast enjoy!

That random scream is my roommate Alison freaking out about fly!

Procrastination is the Devil’s Playground

Top of the mornin’ to ya,

How about that title? So I wasn’t going to post anything tonight aka this morning, but as I was getting ready for bed things changed. This post is going to be all about the things that we let slip through the cracks, but actually end up bothering us later.

Act 1: The reason I am posting this blog right now and on this topic. I walk into my bathroom after being extremely paranoid about not flossing in the past few months, look up into the mirror, and completely freak out. Reflecting behind me is a giant (probably 2 inch) milli/centi/ too-many-legged-pede just relaxing on my bathroom wall. I am extremely squeamish around insects and arachnids and usually just stare at them like I am expecting them to die right there on the spot or something. When someone else is around I tend to yell for them to come save me from these evil creatures. Well this time my roommate was sleeping, no waking her up at this hour, and I don’t really know my neighbors. When this situation occurs I tend to just shut the door and try to sleep off the problem….not this time I got out my mini vaccum and sucked up that little nasty. The moral of this story is get rid of pests (any form) in your life before they become a bigger  nuisance.

Act 2: Dance Marathon occurred a heck of a long time ago, February, and I still have not sent out my thank you letters. I must complete them and send out some current life plans along with them before finals are over!

Act 3: Weeks ago I posted about all the cool opportunities that occurred in the horribly boring state of Minnesota. One of which was meeting some Polish students. I told myself I would email them before my trip to Poland this summer and that is right around the corner ah! I must complete this tonight or tomorrow.

Act 4: Pre-studying for finals equals better grades. Enough said.

Act 5: Cleanliness….I promise you that I bathe, but I need to get back into flossing, keeping my room tidy, and reading scripture.

*I challenge you all to go out there and do those things you put off and even comment with a few of those things if you feel inclined ;)*

Strike Two: The mountains are calling and I must go

Evening Adventurers,

Like I promised here is part two of my good vibes series of blog posts.

In the next upcoming weeks I challenge everyone to get to know their natural surroundings. I am very lucky to live in a place with ever-changing seasons and landscapes. Boone, North Carolina is a little ways off the beaten path, but has a thriving college town in the middle of a small community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. One cool thing about this place is that Appalachian State’s student union has named all of its rooms after tourist destinations off of the Blue Ridge Parkway or in the local region. For the first time, I was able to check out two of these spectacular places. I give you Grandfather Mountain and Snake Mountain!

*Disclaimer for those of you familiar with these locations: 1) The Grandfather Mountain Bridge is extremely I mean chaotically windy, probably because it is a mile up in elevation!!! 2) During the month of April Grandfather is only $3 for students and local residents compared to $20 for everyone else. 3) Unlike Grandfather Mountain where you have the option to casually hike or drive around in your car, Snake Mountain is a strenuous hike. 4) The brown pole that everyone climbs up on at Snake Mountain has been chopped down 😦 .

windy Grandfather Grandfather overlook Grandfather is  a cool place!

Snake Mountain cloudy IMG_2214 snake mount stub

Strike One: A Surprising Reconnection

Hey friends,

So today I have decided to perform a double header of my blog posts in response to my last blog post: The College Napsack. Lately, I have been having a pretty crappy last few weeks, started sometime in early to mid March. Several factors have contributed, we don’t have to get into that, but it seems like this weekend my life started going in an upward direction. So…I feel like I should celebrate 2 of the things I marked off my list from last week. Here goes part 1:

It was a drizzly April evening and I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair on the third floor of the library, quiet floor, working on a group project for my Communication Ethics class. We were slowly chugging along on this presentation where the goal was to create two skits that we would have to act out in class and then apply learned ethical theories to. I was already a bit irritated because only the 3 girls, including myself seemed to be doing the work and one of the group members still had not shown up because she “had to go jump her roommate’s car in Blowing Rock”. Apparently, this takes the entire time our group was working together (6:00pm to 8:15pm)….liar. Did no one else in all of Blowing Rock have jumper cables? Well, we are almost done with the group project and I started to pack up my belongings, because I was about to go see the infamously offensive Ron White to support my club APPS, and checked my phone. My friend Shannon had texted me asking what I was doing this evening. That was weird because she had transferred out of ASU like a year ago. I checked my snapchat and sure enough she was in Boone and wanted to hang out!

This was wonderful. I didn’t really want to be at Ron White for a long time and I got to hang out with a good friend that I haven’t seen in like forever! You may be thinking how exactly does this relate to challenging yourself…well for the first time in a while I was actually hanging out with someone I really wanted to be around not just because it was convenient. Also, it was a complete surprise and we should embrace these random moments with open arms more often! Hanging out with an old friend is officially complete. IMG_1498*Freshman year pic in our matching onesies!*

The College Napsack

Good evening and welcome to another one of my amazing posts. Today’s challenge is on taking care of one’s self. I am usually someone that has to emotionally invest myself into other people, their problems, extracurricular activities, work, and then late at night fulfill my academic duties. Well I have gotten to the point in the semester where I am becoming very tired of this madness and need to do more “ME Things” or else I will loose motivation to finish out this year strong. So this week, Monday to Monday at least, I am challenging myself to do more things by myself or that make me happy! If you have any suggestions for things that you find relaxing or that every college student should do let me know. Here is what I have planned or have already completed:

  • Go home after class and take naps: complete
  • Go grocery shopping alone and splurge on something: complete (purchased smoothie items)
  • Hangout with an old friend: incomplete
  • Read Scripture: incomplete
  • Make more meals at home and eat them: complete
  • Let romantic relationships sway with the wind: complete but we are now just friends
  • Research more on a topic you enjoy: incomplete
  • Watch a movie or TV show not for a class: incomplete but doing so after this post
  • Go outside: incomplete until weather permits
  • Hangout with myself for extended periods of time: incomplete, working on it
  • Get a manicure: incomplete because nails aren’t long enough haha
  • Exercise other than walking to school/on campus: incomplete

Make-up Shmake-up…it’s all fake

Hello brow-sers,

I know it has been a while and I have not been able to update anyone on my cool adventures so….I’m back and ready to share. Today’s post isn’t anything crazy so don’t get your panties in a bundle, it is about going to a random event that your school emails you about. I feel like there is a time in everyone’s college experience where they hear about or decide to take that random class out of their major that sounds interesting. If not, you may be one of those people that joins a club that the rest of your friends did not want to attend. For me that was fencing club for one semester freshman year.  If none of these scenarios apply to what are you doing…this is college go out and experiment or just audit a class for a day! That is beside the point, usually we are too scared or too busy to do things off the beaten path. Well, today at 5:30, pm not am,  I did another one of these things…. I attended “A Lesson with Lorrie Hobler in HDTV Make-up” in our school’s TV studio (Beasley Media Complex). Am I a makeup guru?…no (I barely even wear it unless I am going out). Do I want to work in television?…nope wasn’t planning on it. Am I getting extra credit for class?…definitely not. So, I went with my friend Brie to learn about how a professional make-up artist makes a living, tweet some cool facts, and realize how HD television really shows EVERY LITTLE PORE AND STRAY HAIR ON CAMERA. Moral of the story is that you either take yourself on TV as the way God made ya or you need to get a little help from some M.A.C beautification products because viewers will see EVERYTHING! So I feel like this means there is hope for the ugly of the world hahahaha just kidding! It was more about enhancing one’s natural beauty both male and female with some key essentials blah blah blah. Overall, it was cool and the live demonstrations definitely made it worth the extra 1 hour of my life I spent at school. I encourage everyone to go out this week and Challenge Yosef!

P.S. Check out my twitter for some of her tips!

image image


Top of the morning to ya! This past week I had the honor of starting another new experience by heading out of little old Boone with 8 APPS, Appalachian Popular Programming Society, executive members and 4 advisors at 7:30 am to reach our final destination, Minneapolis, Minnesota, by 6pm saturday evening. We took this 5 day excursion to NACA, a national conference for campus activity boards. It was really intriguing to see how other schools planned and created events to entertain their respective student bodies of various sizes. What made this trip so different than the many I have previously taken with family or friends? Well for one, I went with people that I only really hang out with at school and also we were with faculty. I tend to be a little crazy and blunt when I have “freedom” and had to make sure throughout the trip that my comments were in line. Looking back on it, it was probably a great learning experience on filtration and necessity of my speech. My favorite NEW aspects of the trip were as follows:

  • Talking to strangers on the plane about their lives
  • Eating out for almost every single meal $$$$$
  • Going to the most boring and cold state on earth
  • Not using the plane bathroom because I was too lazy to go
  • Asking questions to random attractive polish men on a whim because I am going to Poland this summer
  • Introducing myself to agents to talk about events coming to our school
  • Seeing Bill Nye in the Hotel lobby
  • Seeing at least 50 different entertainers all in one place (musicians, comedians, spoken word artists, random talents)
  • Talking to a random guy at the coffee creamer station about future career aspirations and finding out he does research on HIV ( my minor is health promotion) and he offered me his business card!!!! plane